Working Group 1 - Cruise Planning

This WG will ensure that maximum use is made of nationally funded ship-time.  The group will meet approximately one year before each cruise. Membership of this group will change according to the needs of particular cruises; some permanent members staying on the WG to ensure transfer of knowledge from one cruise to the next. Rotating members will be those with relevant interests to the cruise in question, such as regional expertise, knowledge of key processes, or complementary analytical expertise. The WG will ensure that a full range of TEI measurements are made during each cruise, and that all opportunities for complementary research are explored. 

Chairman of WG1:  Martin Frank (DE)

Membership of WG1:  Membership was constituted for each meeting to maximize the benefit to the particular cruise being discussed.

There were seven WG1 meetings:

WG1-1:  Oxford (plans for UK  South Atlantic cruise)
WG1-2:  Texel (plans for Netherlands North Atlantic cruise)
WG1-3:  Texel (plans for Netherlands Tropical Atlantic cruise)
WG1-4:  Southampton (plans for UK Tropical cruise)
WG1-5:  Gdansk (initial planning for Baltic cruise)
WG1-6:  Sopot (final planning for Baltic cruise)
WG1-7:  Toulouse (planning for Mediterranean cruise)



This working group initiated, planned, and helped execute a highly successful GEOTRACES Process Study cruise in the Baltic Sea, held in November 2011.