Working Group 2 - Intercalibration

This WG will collate and compare intercalibration results, solve intercalibration problems, and organize future intercalibration work. The WG will contain experts in the measurement of each class of TEIs. Early meetings will analyse results from the 2008 Intercalibration cruise, and plan for the 2009 cruise. These meetings will identify suitable STSMs, and will identify and commission the production of suitable standards to ensure continued analytical accuracy. The WG will also produce CookBooks providing details of suggested protocols for accurate measurement of each TEI. This WG will interact with existing intercalibration efforts in the US, and will engage countries with developing analytical expertise for TEIs (e.g. China, India) to efficiently propagate best practice.

For information about International GEOTRACES intercalibration efforts, including suggested measurement protocols for a range of TEIs, click here

Click here for consensus intercalibration values for SAFe and GEOTRACES standards

Chairman of WG2:  Antonio Cobelo

Membership of WG2:  Maeve Lohan, Michiel Rutgers-van-der-Loeff, Per Anderson, Tina Van de Flierdt, Pascal Salaun, Montserrat Filella, and Hannah Whitby.


The second WG2 meeting was held in Plymouth, February 2012.  Click here for a brief meeting report.  


The first WG2 meeting was  held in Slovenia 9-12 May 2011 and focused on efforts to intercalibrate Hg and Hg speciation measurements in the oceans.  Click here for the programme