Working Group 3: Data Management

This WG will co-ordinate the scientific aspects of data management, and the production of data products. It will do so through close liaison with the International GEOTRACES data management set up hosted at the British Oceanography Data Centre in Liverpool. The WG will play a role in establishing protocols for assessment of data quality, for metadata information, and for data format.

Link to International GEOTRACES Data Management Website

Link to Japanese GEOTRACES Data Management

Link to US GEOTRACES Data Management

Chair of WG3: Ed Mawji UK

Membership of WG3: Reiner Schlitzer (DE); Jan Szaron (SW); Taco de Bruin (NL); Marie-Paule Torre (FR); Sabrina Speich (FR); Elena Masferrer-Dodas (FR); Loes Gerringa, √ėyvind Mikkelsen, Dario Omanovic, and Charlote Kleint.


The third meeting of the Data Management Working Group was held in Toulouse in September 2010