Working Group 4 - Training

This WG oversees training and capacity building. Its remit is to ensure that young researchers are adequately trained, and that information about TEI measurement and interpretation is spread to nations were such expertise is lacking. This WG will organize Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) and Training Schools.

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Chairman of WG4: Maeve Lohan

Membership of WG4: Helene Planquette, David Turner, Ivanka Pižeta, Luis Laglera, Marta Plavšić and Peter Croot

Short-Term Scientific Missions

The Action provided funding for scientists to travel from one COST nation to another to learn skills relevant to marine trace element geochemistry.
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TrainMic training school

A successful training school was held at IRMM (Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements) in Belgium entitled, "Are your GEOTRACES data reliable".  21 early stage researchers from 11 countries attended the school to discuss issues related to uncertainty of marine chemistry analysis.  The course was co-organised by the COST Action and by TrainMIC (Training for Metrology in Chemistry).

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Training cruise

Although interrupted by Icelandic ash, two young scientists were funded by the COST Action to take part on an 6-8 day research ‘test’ cruise related to the Dutch programme, ‘GEOTRACES, Global Change and Microbial Oceanography in the West Atlantic Ocean’. This was an  opportunity for them to gain experience in all stages of sampling and analysis of trace metals onboard a research vessel. We are very grateful to Hein de Baar and Loes Gerringa for providing this opportunity.


The COST Action Training School, "Are your GEOTRACES data reliable" was a big success in May 2012